The 2023 Work Program

This year, ABAC adopted the theme “Equity. Sustainability. Opportunity.”

The 2023 Work Program will have the following initial areas of focus:

Economic Integration Working Group
  • Accelerating towards the realization of FTAAP
  • Supporting the WTO and advocacy for the rules-based multilateral trading system
  • Improving trade resilience
  • Trade and sustainability
Sustainable Growth Working Group
  • Promoting an effective response to climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Advancing realistic energy transition towards low carbon in the region
  • Addressing efficient and sustainable processes across the food value chain in the region
Digital and Innovation Working Group
  • Strengthening cybersecurity
  • Promoting coherent and interoperable digital identity systems
  • Facilitating cross-border data flows
Finance Task Force
  • Facilitating cross-border digital financial services
  • Supporting just and affordable transition
  • Financing sustainable innovation
  • Promoting interoperable central bank digital currencies
  • Facilitating cross-border data flows in financial services
Inclusion Task Force
  • Advancing women’s economic empowerment
  • Engaging indigenous people in the economy
  • Formalizing the informal economy
  • Bridging generations through economic engagement

Detailed recommendations will be developed during the course of the 2023 focus areas identified in the work program. ABAC’s recommendations will be conveyed to APEC governments through a range of avenues including to APEC Senior Officials, Trade, SME and Finance Ministers and directly to APEC Economic Leaders at the annual Dialogue with APEC Leaders.