The APEC Business Advisory Council

Founding and Structure

The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) was created by the APEC Economic Leaders in November 1995 to provide the business perspective on specific areas of cooperation to APEC Leaders, Ministers and Senior Officials. It is the sole non-governmental entity that has an official role in the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting through a formal dialogue.

ABAC comprises of up to three members of the private sector from each economy. ABAC members are appointed by their respective Leaders, and represent a range of business sectors, including small and medium enterprises. The economy determines the term of membership of each appointee as well as its own administrative arrangements and staff support.

The ABAC International Secretariat based in Manila , the Philippines serves all members and all economies and maintains a website. Funding is provided through a system of annual dues, which are structured to reflect the size of each economy, following the APEC formula.