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At their meeting in Port Moresby last March 16, APEC Deputy Finance Ministers agreed to table the Roadmap for the Development of APEC's Financial Market Infrastructure and the Roadmap for Expanding the Coverage of Microinsurance in APEC for consideration by APEC Finance Ministers this year.

On May 8, the Ministry of Finance of Thailand and ABAC Thailand, in collaboration with GIZ, hosted an APFF Roundtable in Bangkok to discuss the implementation of the Microinsurance Roadmap with Thai government and regulatory stakeholders. Mr. Suwit Rojanavanich, Director General of the Fiscal Policy Office of the Ministry of Finance, said "I had studied this microinsurance roadmap in every detail. I think it is a great roadmap for microinsurance development. It covers both regulation and microinsurance policy aspects.

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About APFF

The Asia-Pacific Financial Forum (APFF) is a platform for public-private collaboration to accelerate the development of robust and integrated financial markets in the APEC region.

The APFF responds to the need for active collaboration among policy makers, regulators and experts from industry and international and academic organizations to address key issues. These include expanding access to finance for micro-, small and medium enterprises and households in emerging markets; facilitating trade and supply chain finance; creating deep, liquid and integrated capital markets; expanding the region’s institutional investor base and its capacity to finance infrastructure and other long-term projects; strengthening financial resilience; and harnessing innovation to build inclusive and efficient financial markets.

The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) proposed the APFF’s establishment to the APEC Finance Ministers, who launched the Forum at their 2013 annual meeting in Bali. APFF is one of the three policy initiatives under the APEC Finance Ministers’ Process whose management was entrusted by the Ministers to ABAC, together with the Asia-Pacific Forum on Financial Inclusion and the Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Partnership (APIP).

Over 300 experts and senior representatives from more than 150 institutions collaborate in the APFF’s undertakings. These institutions include financial services firms (global and regional commercial and investment banks, asset management companies, insurers, pension funds, Fintech firms), legal, accounting and related services firms, business and investor information service providers, international financial industry associations, finance, trade and justice ministries, regulatory authorities, multilateral development banks, international organizations and academic and research institutions.

The work of APFF covers key areas of financial markets that are critical to the development of the region’s economy and financial services:

  • Credit infrastructure (legal, regulatory and institutional ecosystems for credit information sharing, secured transactions and receivables/warehouse financing)
  • Trade and supply chain finance (regulations, technological and innovative solutions to working capital access)
  • Insurance and retirement income (retirement income market, infrastructure and capital market investment environment for insurers and pension funds, regulation and accounting standards, disaster risk financing and insurance, microinsurance)
  • Capital markets (repo and derivatives markets, information for capital market investors, regional funds passporting)
  • Financial market infrastructure (ecosystem for cross-border portfolio investment, cybersecurity, know-your-customer rules, electronic payments)

In addition, APFF provides a platform for continuous dialogue between industry and the public sector with the involvement of subject matter experts from academic and research institutions and international organizations in areas such as the international financial architecture and financial technology (Fintech).

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Annual reports to APEC Finance Ministers

Since its establishment in 2013, APFF has submitted annual reports to the APEC Finance Ministers, which provide information on its activities, achievements and recommendations. These reports are available below.

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Special reports and documents

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APFF Caucus Meeting agenda and papers

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Contact us

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Julius Caesar Parreñas, APFF Coordinator

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